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Anker Powerline+ Micro USB Cable (6ft)

Anker Powerline+ Micro USB Cable (6ft)
  • Kevlar Fiber + Double-braided Nylon Exterior on the cable.
  • Laser-welded connectors.
  • Designed to last for 10,000+ bends. Superior quality and 10X better.
  • Tangle Free and comes with a free carrying pouch

Unrivaled Durability 
PowerLine+ may be the last cable you'll ever need. Proven to last at least 10 times as long as other cables, it boasts a bend tolerance 10 times higher. There's simply no other cable with this level of durability. 

End-to-End Strength 
Exceptional tensile strength is provided by double nylon-braiding and precision laser welding. PowerLine+ is built to withstand any yanking, twisting, stretching, or dropping that it might possibly be subjected to. 

Customizable Cable Length 
Wind up PowerLine+ and bind it using the adjustable velcro strap for easy transport and storage. It also allows convenient cable length adjustment to avoid trailing cables across the floor when charging.


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