Ghostek Covert Case-iPhone 7/8 Case


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Ghostek is now in the Philippines via Case Studio. Ghostek is a US brand with headquarters in Brooklyn Army Terminal in New York. Ghostek users are usually dressed to kill and need their device protection to match. Their products are as rugged strong as they are beautiful.

  • MODERNIZED DESIGN: Keeps you looking fresh while you decimate the baddies. They won't know whether they admire or hate you. Let's be honest, though. It's probably both.
  • PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY AT ITS PEAK: Air-pockets protect your phone from potential drops as you flee the enemy. Corporate secrets will stay protected, guaranteed.
  • EXPLOSION-PROOF: The expertly crafted screen protector can withstand even the most daunting explosion. You will never need to worry about shrapnel damaging your screen, preventing the universally hated trip down to the Research and Technology Development Division for repairs.
  • SLEEK AND DISCREET: No bulky object in your pockets will ever slow you down as you sprint away from when you’re sprinting out of harm's waydanger. The slim design fits perfectly into your tailored suit pocket. It's almost as if there's nothing there at all.

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