SlickWraps Color Series for iPhone 5


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Slickwraps Color Collection gives you the power to make your iPhone 5 any color you'd like and will no doubt make your phone stand out! The Color Collection uses a smooth, high-quality vinyl that allows you to personalize your phone.

The iPhone 5 is known for it's great features, and Slickwraps is guaranteed to fit like a glove. Our Full Body Wrap is custom fit to all ports, buttons and sensors, and will not hinder any functions of your iPhone. With precision cut front, back and side wraps, your phone is provided with 360-degrees of protection without the worry of any usage interference.

Slickwraps installation is extremely simple. Our high-quality adhesive wraps apply cleanly and effortlessly to the surface of your iPhone with zero bubbles. Slickwraps can be easily readjusted, removed and without leaving any residue behind.


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