Slickwraps Natural Series Wraps for iPhone 6/6S Plus


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Introducing the Natural Series for the iPhone 6S Plus. These genuine, real leather & Wood wraps are guaranteed to give your iPhone a touch of class and sophistication like never before! The leathers/woods are also thin enough to allow the use of most bumpers and sleeves.

Nature itself is worked into the texture of every piece of genuine leather. Every steer has its own history and experiences, leaving being small healed scars in the hide. The scars result in characteristically beautiful marks on the finished leather. Such beauty marks are your conclusive proof of genuine leather. No two steers are the same, so we can't guarantee your wrap to look exactly like the picture. What can we guarantee? Your genuine leather wrap will have a sophistication and beauty like no other!

Each piece of timber has its own character and background thanks to mother nature. Every piece of real wood is hand picked, hand finished and precision cut to the highest quality standards in the world.


  • Hand-made in Wichita, Kansas
  • Laser Cut Precision
  • Real Horween Leather and Premium Wood
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