Soomlab Nano Fiber Mask


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This is a genuine authentic Soomlab Nano Fiber Mask officially sourced from Korea now made available locally in the Philippines. We are an official Soomlab reseller in the Philippines.

Why are Soomlab Nano Fiber Masks special? The Nano Fiber used in the masks as their filter allow for easier breathing while combining high filtration efficiency compared to normal masks. Being able to breathe easier means you will not be tempted to take off the mask. The Nano Fiber mask can do this without needing a valve. Do note some places will not allow entry to people wearing valve masks.

Soomlab Nano Fiber Mask is one of the best stylish masks around.

Case Studio is an official reseller with recognition from Soomlab Korea. Buy with confidence from us. We can provide official documentation upon request on our FB page.



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