Tunewear Frame x Frame Shockmount Aluminium Bumper Case for iPhone 6/6S Plus

₱100.00 ₱1,490.00

Impact resistance engineered using a combination of durable aluminum, TPU and DVTPC.

Super durability and impact resistance, combined with beautifully finished, diamond cut aluminum frame. The inner DVTPC (Dynamically Vulcanized Thermoplastic Elastomer Composite) provides shock absorbing protection to all four sides and extends this protection to the front and the back of your iPhone.

Tools or screws unnecessary.

Flexible bumper design makes it easy to insert your iPhone into the case like a traditional design.

Designed to improve operational performance.

The sides are recessed to provide a better grip. Aluminum pass-through feature using the same material as the frame improves performance of the volume control and power button.

Designed to protect your iPhone camera lens.

The protruding camera lens is protected by an innovative lip on the edge of the frame to prevent contact with surfaces.

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