Tunewear Hybrid Shell Clear for iPhone 7/8 Case

₱290.00 ₱700.00

"We don't want to make cases like everyone else" after 13 years of making cases for Apple products. "We wanted to make something special."

Hybrid Shell for iPhone 7 is a clear two-material construction case that combines color change resistant TPU with German polycarbonate for extra shock absorbing protection. Its flexibility and durability protect iPhone with a stylish design. It has the tolerance to survive easily a 2 meter drop. We have priced the product similar to our iPhone 6/6s cases, meaning you are getting a multi-part material product for the price of a simple clear plastic case.

Stylish shock absorbing case with 3 mold tooling and two-material construction

TPU and sturdy polycarbonate are combined using a special molding technique to provide a hybrid of extra shock absorbing protection. The stylish clear case design is both flexible and durable.

Air Cushions built into the four corners protect against drops with Screen Guard mechanism

We have designed an air cushion mechanism which is located in all four corners of the case for absorbing impacts. Even though the case is such a slim design, you can still rest easy knowing that iPhone is safe from accidental drops.

Attention to Details: Arch-shaped for a comfortable and solid grip

The middle of the case arches inwards allowing iPhone to fit comfortably in your hand. This makes iPhone easier to carry around with you and you will always have a sturdy grip.

Embossed dots on the sides to prevent slipping

Along the arc-shaped left and right sides of the case you will notice embossed dots. There are 22 dots on each side which are there to further enhance your grip on the case and make iPhone easier to use.

A unique Patent Pending camera ring to prevent camera flash glare

To enjoy the full extent of the iPhone 7 camera, you will see a black ring encircling the camera's lens. The ring is there to prevent reflection of the camera's LED flash and to maintain clear image quality when using the flash to take photos in low light situations. It is made with patent pending 3 level / 45 degrees staircase angular design to prevent the flash lighting from bouncing. It is made of black matte finish PC. This is a integral part of all our new cases, to go all the way to provide the best.

Strap holes to accommodate your favorite strap, and we don't cover the barometric pressure vent.

Strap holes can be found on the bottom left corner of the case. Attach your favorite charm or hand strap and still retain the full functionality of iPhone. We also don't cover the barometric pressure vent and speaker holes on the iPhone so that your phone functions the way Apple designed it. (Many cases that cover or provide holes for the pressure vent and speakers may reduce the functionality of your iPhone)

Customizable Backplate

Download and print design inserts to customize your case! Make sure you are printing at 100% of the graphics and not fitting the image to your whole page. All images are set at a slightly smaller scale because the KIOSK printers automatically bump up graphics to 102%. If you cut your insert and the sheet is smaller that the size of the CUSTOMIZABLE BACK PLATE of the HYBRID SHELL, then try printing at 102%. All graphics below are the intellectual property of TUNEWEAR.


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