TUNEWEAR Tree Charging Stand for iPhone and Apple Watch

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Simultaneously charge your Apple Watch and iPhone

Combining the chargers for both iPhone/iPad mini and Apple Watch allows charging of both devices in one location. Compatible with all Apple Watch models and band styles, and iPhone and iPads equipped with Lightning connectors.

Ideal viewing position.

Angled for easy viewing of the screens, gives ideal positioning for checking the time or new notifications on the devices while charging on desktops or nightstands. Rubber padding is embedded beneath the iPhone/iPad mini charger in the rear support for better grip.

Accomodates genuine Apple cables.

Apple Watch magnetic charging cables and iPhone lightning cables can be easily inserted or removed, making it ideal as a desktop charger stand. Compatible with Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport which don't come with their own charger stands.

Audio from iPhone/iPad speaker amplified.

The specially designed rounded base of the iPhone/iPad stand amplifies audio from the speaker. Great for alarms, listening to music and for catching notifications.

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